Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Boxing Day

So it's over. It's all over for another year.

I'm delighted that it passed me by without any akward family arguments, forced smiles when I open a present I clearly don't like, pine needles stuck in my new socks, crackers and the hideous paper hats contained within, dusting the mince pie crumbs from my lap, hangovers laced with disgrace and self-loathing, going on walks in the cold just because it's Christmas, pretending to enjoy the company of the people I grew up with, drinking in a protestant cave with racists and slappers, my arteries feeling like vegetable oil runs through them and selection box-induced diabetes.

Today it is as far as it could possibly be from it happening again. That makes me smile like yesterday just couldn't. The weird thing about that is that Christmas tries to make you happy, it desperately wants to make you happy. Christmas fucking owes you. You spend hundreds of pounds trying to force happiness, with the food, the booze, the tree, the decorations, the cards, the stamps to send the cards, the presents, the gift paper, the ribbons, the little sticky card things you put on the presents and crackers. Boxing day just does it's thing, not trying to impress anyone. It doesn't want to make the 3rd of March or the 22nd of August, or any other random non-event day on the calendar, jealous like Christmas does. Christmas is a egotistical, self-centred wanker that wants the whole year to revolve around him. Boxing day leaves him to it and picks up the pieces.

And why do we succumb to this social farce? Because a religion you don't believe in says that it's saviour was born on this day 2008 years ago. Hmmmmm, let's instead just use the day to trying to get on with life, try to do the same things you would do any normal day, eat an ordinary, human amount of food, drink as much as you feel comfortable with, wear the jumper you want to wear and not the one that you're expected to wear because it was a gift and watch good TV, not force fed dribble with Q-list celebrites degrading themselves trying desperately to salvage a fame that faded away into the center fold of a magazine you can read at the dentists.

What I am trying to say is, if you don't believe in Jesus and don't have any kids in your family, don't bother. Happiness can't be forced, no matter how much blood, sweat, effort, money and alcohol you throw at it. Why should we have fun on this day? Because we're told to?

I don't buy into that shit, I can have fun any day of the year but the two days of the year that I am expected to have fun I very rarely do, my birthday and Christmas. Every other day is a laugh but organised, planned and prepared joy is rarely as good as the spontaneous joy which occurs on a day to day basis.

Merry Boxing day you happy little hangovers!


Anonymous said...

Hay Ross,

I would have to agree on the subject of Christmas. It isn't really what people think it's about. Sure it has a Christian tarnish on it.

It seems to me your cynical attitude towards it is a perfect way for me to show you something of why you feel the way you do. You may not be a believer in Jesus. Let me tell you, i am, and i am still a bit cynical about Christmas, because people are not the way they should be, they are so consumed with consumerism and perfecting everything.

So far, from my experience of being a Christian, i have learnt, we are not perfect and i sometimes feel like i hate it when my mum says i'm her little Christian girl. I can't take that title, even though i am a believer. But, i am not perfect and i am still trying to find a real Christian or what one would be. It seems people in my area of living, they are the title in the church, but they put too much custom on others.

I have recently been baptised in water to finally confirm my belief in Christ. I had trouble with people's ideas of doing it the way the Bible says. This is another thing i found that conflicted with my free will. So i ended up doing it in the bath tub and got the neighbor to baptise me. Some people reacted strangely, simply because they have never heard it before. And probably because it wasn't "custom" to do so. And this is the thing, this is what makes Christians look bad. People can get all caught up in customs that dull down people's ability to have a free will and worship God the way they want to, to what feels right for them.

I don't go to church, i sometimes wish i could, but i have had some trouble with feeling like i can be myself, not to be profane in any way, but to do what my spirit is calling me to. To sit and cry and be sad if i want to. But the man made custom of, "everyone stand up and sing along" took my heart feeling out of "tune". And it seems people have forgotten what it means to be a Christian, and not a robot to worship. I hope you can see what i mean..

Well, i have a you tube link that i'm about to post and i hope you can find the time to watch all of it. They are parts, 1 to 12.

By the way, i seen that video you made on you tube about getting off facebook. Well done and i can see what you mean. Another reason why cynicism is an opening to all of this.. Facebook is a trap.

Take care, and enjoy the viewing of some discovering. If i could give you some advice, please be open to it and don't think that "Christians" are about telling people what to do. Because i am not.

Take care. x


Kim said...
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teesu said...

hii i see your video and i dont know if it's really you but I 'like' haha
i dont have facebook and i'm not clean cause i never had a account. Hate facebook people, love real people. soo thats all, i enjoy your video. Im from brazil and your video is very popular in bazil but no one has left facebook so far D: